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Nikanorkin Igor' Sergeevich, Postgraduate student, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction (28 Germana Titova street, Penza, Russia),
Mebaduri Zurab Anzorovich, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, sub-department of economy, organization and management of production, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction (28 Germana Titova street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Market relations brought changes in economic relations, which appear now by the initiative and by the commodity market. During the transition to market relations, the opportunities for development of interaction between enterprises of different industries have increased. At the same time there appear the possibilities of using organizational management techniques, development of means and systems of information, necessary for ensuring the logistics control - all of these conditions predetermine the use of modern methods of organization and maintenance of the process of material resources promotion. A company, which receives on timely basis the necessary resources, in a specific period of time and in the required quantities, has a competitive advantage. The goal of the study is to analyze the ways of increasing the effective use of logistics at the construction enterprises.
Materials and methods. Implementation of the research objectives was achieved through the analysis of the construction market. The main place in the framework of the present study is occupied by transport and warehousing processes in the sector of construction. On the basis of the collected materials the authors identified and described the features of transport and storage processes of the construction market.
Results. The authors researched the development of transport and storage processes in the construction sector, the development of economic relations of the industry during the transition to market relations, peculiarities and tendencies of development of logistics.
Conclusions. The study of trends in development of the logistics complex allows to set the main reasons for competitive advantages obtainment by an organization. Being properly used at an enterprise, the logistics allows to reduce the time and costs of turnovers of capital in the production cycle. 

Key words

Management, construction, logistics, transport and warehousing processes. 

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